Self-Install, saves time,
saves money.

Designed for easy self installation, Xvision® self-install systems have been designed
to make installation quick and easy, allowing anyone with basic DIY knowledge
to install a professional grade IP CCTV system.

Wireless CCTV without
the disadvatages of Wi-Fi.

The Self-Install range is available in both wireless and wired versions.

Xvision® wired self-install systems are available in 5MP and 4K (8MP) resolution and require just one cable between the camera and the recorder. Using PoE® (Power over Ethernet) technology this single cable carries power from the recorder to the camera, and images and optional one-way or two-way audio from the camera to the recorder. You can also control any special functions (including the zoom level on zoom cameras) and camera settings from the recorder, all using the same single cable.

For those requiring wireless, Xvision® have designed the 5MP self-install range to operate seamlessly on Powerline® technology. This technology offers the rock solid reliability of a wired connection without the limited bandwidth and connection dropouts of a traditional Wi-Fi system. It does this by using the electrical wiring in your property as its wiring. The technology is fully approved for use in the UK and will not interfere with your electrical wiring in anyway. Simply connect your Xvision® wireless cameras to a standard UK electrical socket (using the Powerline® adaptors supplied), do the same with your recorder and enjoy the same features and picture quality as a wired system.

Professional quality and unbeatable performance.

Xvision® have been designing, manufacturing and supplying CCTV systems across the world for over 21 years. They use the very latest, highest quality components across their range, allowing them to offer a 3 year warranty on all products.

Good for the planet and good for your wallet.

All the products in the Xvision® self-install range are designed to consume as little energy as possible, making them better for the environment and costing less to run.

We provide you with more than just a box full of products.

All of our self-install systems are provided with everything you need to get your CCTV system operational quickly and easily.

Expert advice
Free technical support
Online setup session

For extra piece of mind all customers are offered an online session with an Product Specialist, who will check your system is setup correctly, and make sure you know how to operate your system to its full potential.

Over 20x clearer than the last generation of CCTV systems.

Xvision® self-install CCTV systems use the very latest image sensors and IP CCTV technology to provide the best image quality. They are available with 5MP or 4K image sensors.

The 5MP range has a 5MP image sensor that produces super HD images:

10x higher resolution than older generation analogue cameras
250% better than the latest 2MP HD cameras
Suited to all applications
Great value and performance

The range topping 4K cameras produce:

Amazing 8 megapixel 4K images that are nearly double the resolution of 5MP cameras
20x higher than older generation analogue cameras.
Recommended for applications where the very best performance is required.

Clear images 24/7 in all light conditions

Xvision® cameras are designed to provide clear images in all lighting conditions. All cameras feature WDR+ (Wide Dynamic Range Plus) technology for clear images even in bright or backlit situations.

Xvision cameras use Smart IR technology to view in complete darkness or light levels lower than the light present on a clear starlit night. The IR LEDs are invisible to the human eye and allow the camera to provide clear night vision when it switches to B/W mode.

Xvision cameras have Starlight image sensors that enable the camera to see in colour in low light levels down to the light present on a clear starlit night.

The new Colour View camera range from Xvision® has been designed for applications where colour images are required even in low light or complete darkness. These cameras have discreet White LEDs that provide a visible light source, and are equivalent to having an LED floodlight next to the camera. They can be programmed to come on automatically for the whole night or when movement is detected. In addition the white light LEDs can be set to flash when movement is detected so they can be used as a deterrent for unwelcome guests.

The perfect view, every time

Xvision® self-install cameras are available with a choice of lenses to suit your requirements, so you achieve the perfect view.

Wide Angle Lens Cameras

For larger areas or for viewing areas close to the camera the wide angle lens cameras are a perfect choice.

The combination of 5MP and 4K images sensors together with a wide angle lens, allows you to have a wide angle view without losing detail.

Zoom Lens Cameras

For detailed viewing of areas or objects further away from the camera or for extremely wide angle viewing the 5x Zoom cameras are equipped with zoom lenses that can be adjusted to provide the exact viewing angle required.

The lenses can also be zoomed in or out from the Xvision® app, a PC/Mac or an Xvision® recorder during live viewing.

Designed to blend in or not!

Xvision® self-install cameras are available in 2 different styles, each providing unique aesthetics and design features.

Dome cameras are the most discreet in the range, they easily blend in to their surroundings and are tamper and vandal resistant, ideal for areas where the camera may be vulnerable to vandalism. Unlike the older generation dome cameras, Xvision® dome cameras are flat faced and do not require a plastic bubble, therefore avoiding issues such as IR reflection and the gathering of water and dirt on the bubble, which obscures the camera image.

Bullet cameras are intentionally designed to look less discreet than domes, they are more prominent than dome cameras so they act as a deterrent. Although they are not classed as vandal resistant they are still very strong and durable and tamper resistant.

Save time with motion detection recording and alerts

All Xvision® cameras feature motion detection as standard. This detects movement by looking for changes in the pixels that make up the camera image. The system can be set to record continuously or only when motion is detected, giving you longer recording times and saving viewing time when reviewing recordings. Additionally the system can send you alerts when motion is detected.

Motion Detection

Next generation AI chipsets for smarter
detection and extra intelligence

The new Xvision® AI camera range is available with 3 levels of AI functionality depending on model:

1. Intelligent detection

Intelligent detection is better suited to outdoor detection rather than standard motion detection. It uses AI to detect humans and vehicles, and reduces the false alarms caused by standard outdoor motion detection by up to 90%.

Intelligent detection also allows you to create virtual fences and perimeters, alerting you if objects, humans or vehicles cross or leave these areas. It will also detect stationary objects/vehicles/humans and alert you when objects move or go missing.

2. Face detection

Face detection uses AI to recognise faces, you can then individually name and make lists of known faces. When a face is recognised you can set the system to send alerts or trigger alarms. Recordings can also be searched by face.

In addition, face detection will provide an estimate of someone’s age and mood, and recognise if they are wearing glasses or a face mask.

3. Business intelligence

For business users Xvision® business intelligence provides vital insights and additional features to help your business run more efficiently.

Time and Attendance

Powered by face detection, provides a non contact passive way to know when staff are at work.

Customer/Visitor Recognition

Provides age ranges, mood and face mask detection for visitors to your premises.


Queue length detection with alerts when queue lengths are longer than desired.

Heat Maps / Crowd Density Detection

Shows you which areas have the most footfall/traffic and will alert you of overcrowding /gathering of people in high security areas.


Will count how many people (or vehicles) enter and leave your premises or car park.


Can alert you when a vehicle or person enters or stays in a prohibited area over a pre-set time.

Xvision® cameras will VIEW,

Want to detect unwelcome visitors and literally scare them away?

Thanks to Active Defence by Xvision® now you can. Active Defence is a game changing innovation that allows cameras to not just watch your premises but also actively deter crime. Active Defence works on the principle that the bad guys do not want to draw any attention to themselves when they are on your property.

Automatic Mode

When Active Defence cameras detect movement (during the times set by you) they will trigger their built in audible and visual alarms, scaring away the intruder.

Manual Mode

The camera will alert you that somebody is present and you can then connect to the Active Defence camera using the Xvision® app, a PC/Mac or an Xvision® recorder. Using the 2-way audio feature you can then speak to the person and confirm why they are on your property. If the person is unauthorised you can remotely trigger the active defence audible and visual alarms scaring them away.


Safe remote access anytime, without monthly fees

All Xvision® systems are supplied with free iOS/Android apps and Windows/Mac software. These applications let you view cameras live, playback recordings, backup recordings, control zoom cameras, listen to audio, speak to people near the camera and more.

There are no monthly charges and the recordings stay on your recorder, safe from the cyber attacks that cloud based systems are vulnerable too.