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Go beyond the limits of standard CCTV systems with smarter, next generation, professional CCTV systems that deter and detect crime before it happens. So powerful they can even recognise friendly faces and alert you if they are not!

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Self-Install or Pro-Install, we are here to make sure you get the best system and service.

Save time and money with one of our Self-Install professional CCTV systems, designed for easy self installation, or choose a Pro-Install system, designed, installed and maintained by your local Approved Installer.

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Wireless CCTV without
the disadvatages of Wi-Fi

The Self-Install range is available in both wireless and wired versions.

Xvision® wired self-install systems are available in 5MP and 4K (8MP) resolution and require just one cable between the camera and the recorder. Using PoE® (Power over Ethernet) technology this single cable carries power from the recorder to the camera, and images and optional one-way or two-way audio from the camera to the recorder. You can also control any special functions (including the zoom level on zoom cameras) and camera settings from the recorder, all using the same single cable.

For those requiring wireless, Xvision® have designed the 5MP self-install range to operate seamlessly on Powerline® technology. This technology offers the rock solid reliability of a wired connection without the limited bandwidth and connection dropouts of a traditional Wi-Fi system. It does this by using the electrical wiring in your property as its wiring. The technology is fully approved for use in the UK and will not interfere with your electrical wiring in anyway. Simply connect your Xvision® wireless cameras to a standard UK electrical socket (using the Powerline® adaptors supplied), do the same with your recorder and enjoy the same features and picture quality as a wired system.

Xvision® cameras will VIEW,

Want to detect unwelcome visitors and literally scare them away?

Thanks to Active Defence by Xvision® now you can. Active Defence is a game changing innovation that allows cameras to not just watch your premises but also actively deter crime. Active Defence works on the principle that the bad guys do not want to draw any attention to themselves when they are on your property.

Automatic Mode

When Active Defence cameras detect movement (during the times set by you) they will trigger their built in audible and visual alarms, scaring away the intruder.

Manual Mode

The camera will alert you that somebody is present and you can then connect to the Active Defence camera using the Xvision® app, a PC/Mac or an Xvision® recorder. Using the 2-way audio feature you can then speak to the person and confirm why they are on your property. If the person is unauthorised you can remotely trigger the active defence audible and visual alarms scaring them away.


Introducing business intelligence

For business users Xvision® business intelligence cameras provide vital insights in to your business and additional features to help your business run more efficiently.

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With over 20 years experience in the supply and support of professional CCTV systems, we know the difference between a cheap camera sourced online and a professional CCTV system.

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We offer all customers a free online session with an Product Specialist who will check your system is setup correctly, configured to your needs, and make that you know how to operate your system to its full potential.

For our Pro-Install customers this service is offered on-site at the end of the installation.

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